Submission Requirements​

(For a full list of recipe requirements including eligible shochu refer to the Rules section)

  • Cocktail name;

  • Cocktail ingredients list;

  • Glass type;

  • Cocktail preparation methodology;

  • Special ingredient preparation method (if applicable);

  • Max 300 word essay explaining idea and story of cocktail, reason behind choice of base shochu, choice of ingredients and techniques and any other inspiration.

  • A photograph of the cocktail.

  • Agreement to accept the terms and conditions of the competition.


100 Points Total

Judging panel will consider all recipe submissions and score them according to the following criteria.

RECIPE: 50 points

  • Taste and Overall Satisfaction: (30)

  • Ingredient Selection (10)

  • Name (10)

VISUAL APPEAL: 20 points

  • Color/Aesthetic (10)

  • Glassware selection (10)

ESSAY: 30 points

  • Creative inspiration behind recipe

  • Understanding of base shochu

  • Explanation of what shochu is

  • Description of cocktail flavor and aroma